Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes.

This month's book was a roaring success amongst all but one of the children. There was great appreciation for the characters, and plot lines, despite it's great length. Those of us who were less impressed found that despite an initially gripping start, we began to switch off as the plot became more fantastical.

There was some debate about the conclusion to the book, and relief that the ending was disclosed, thus eliminating the possibility of a sequel. Have I mentioned before that generally we dislike sequels? That said an idea for a story surrounding Sir Tode and the hag did seem like an interesting spin off adventure...?

Anyhow it seemed ironic that having spent the last session exploring the labyrinth; an exercise in sensory theatre carried out blindfolded, we now had a book about a blind boy-thief from which to launch another creative session.

I felt this called for some more games of the sensory kind. So, we tried listening intensely with our eyes closed, and did some work on creating scenes from the book using sensory techniques.

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