Friday, 9 March 2012

Finding Violet Park

This book was universally enjoyed by all those in the teens group. It was a watershed book, because it was the first time we really just 'talked' about a book. We identified themes, found passages to quote, and shared an enthusiasm for exploring why this book is such a great read.

It's a modern story, with a believable teen protagonist. We found  his response to his extraordinary problems, genuine, and the world he inhabits, familiar. The structure of the plot keeps you involved, and the ending doesn't disappoint.

As a way-in to analysing characters we tried to think about who we would cast in roles if we were to make a film of the book...I think this is a great game, but I can't play it too successfully because I don't remember names, and I'm rubbish at popular culture....

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  1. Loved this one as well. A coming of age book, but in which not a lot of external things seem to happen. The journey is in the lead character's head. It was fantastic and refreshing to read a teen age book, in which the protagonist is trying to come to terms with growing up and family life, and not have it be all about an angst-ridden girl - especially one who loves vampires or angels or whatever.