Monday, 5 March 2012

Reading and me

Just to establish the fact that I do not love reading, but I love books. It’s important to say it. I do not ‘eat’ books now, and I never have. In fact, as a child I rarely read books, but was given free reign to enjoy comics, which I did.

I will never read a book if I can’t get into it within the first three pages (unless required to as part of a course of study).

I still prefer books with pictures.

If I find a book I like, then I can’t put it down, and I will reread it many times. I find a good read can be a very intense and exhausting experience; perhaps that’s why I don’t devour books?

I don’t find it easy to make time for reading, and I’m usually too tired. Children’s literature fills the gap. I read more now I have my own kids than I have ever done before.

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