Friday, 9 March 2012


This is a simply brilliant book. One of our readers was so inpsired she produced both poetry and some very tasty Baklava in response.

The story is epic in scale, and imagination, but its genius lies in the crafting of a realistic female lead character. Halo is athletic and clever and quiet. Our readers appreciated her qualities, and the scope of her journey from her life with the mythical centaurs across the sea to mainland Greece and Sparta. The story is loaded with mythology and detail, but not at the exepense of the human story. It is skillfully told.


  1. It is also one of those books that was good for girls and boys, as the lead character is female, but the story is adventurous so boy readers were engaged as well. It isn't a 'type' book, just a good read.

    1. Yes, and something our booklcub can boast is a number of boy readers who don't like football;-)
      Thanks for posting Julie...we miss you at booklcubx